ORIGIN – The folk group “Ru Maccature” of Carpinone (IS) was created in 1971 under its original name of the “Nightingales of the Pentria”. In 1987, after a brief period of inactivity, the group re-emerged and adopted its current name, which is derived from the dance by the traditional wedding dance of the same name.

COSTUM – The costumes are replicas of drawings datind back to the turn of the century and are made of simple but colourful materials. Of particular merit the white shirts embroidered with a particular point said “a nido di rondine.”

GROUP – The group consists of dancers, singers and musicians, 40 members in all. Our repertoire is the result of careful research brought to life through songs and dances that are effectively choreographed and which respect fully the traditional values they are meant to express.

INSTRUMENTS – The group performs with traditional musical and rhythimic instruments: “organetto” whit two basses, accordion, guitar, “ciaramella” (small bagpipe), tambourine, “bufù” and “tric a ballà” recreate the traditions of rural life.